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Special Edition

Dry white wine with a pale yellow color and great clarity. Elegant aroma of white flowers, basil and peach that leads you into the hills and valleys of the Macedonia and reminds you that you're home.

restaurant chicken, fish, seafood and pasta with creamy sauces.

Special Edition

Dry white wine with a pale straw color and beautiful clarity. Crisp and fresh smell of lemon peel, green apple, grapefruit and herbal notes.

restaurant light food, salads, chiecken, fish and seafood


Dry sparkling wine made with Charmat technology with a pale yellow color and green reflexes. This wine introduces you to the world of bubbles, that excite your gums and covers them with a foamy cover.

restaurant light fried food and and fried river fish


These wines are produced with specially selected vineyards from Kurija village in the Tikves wine region. These attractive wines have more stucture of primary and secondary aromas, a full body and well integrated alcohol.



Dry red wine made as a blend of Cabernet Sauvignon 50%, Merlot 30% и Syrah 20%. Intense ruby red color with beautiful clarity.

restaurant red meat, barbeque, aged cheeses


Dry red wine made from the indigenous grape variety Кratošija. Beautiful deep ruby red color with cristal reflections.

restaurant barbeque, traditional meat dishes and aged cheeses.


Seductive dry red wine from the variety Merlot, with a deep ruby red color and aromas of red berries, cherry and plum jam.

restaurant meat, barbeque and aged cheeses.



A hidden oasis 80 km away from the capital. The beautiful nature near the river Crna, the delicious food, the exquisite wine and the welcoming hosts are the perfect combination for wine tourism and a well spent day.


Immerse yourself in the unique location of Lazar Winery, and indulge in the ultimate comfort and relaxation. Our modern apartments are designed to create the best experience for our guests, and our staff is ready at all times to offer you our best services.

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